Portfolio Management

Effective portfolio management requires balancing the need for detailed analysis with the speed of decision making.

Yet, sustaining portfolio governance participation throughout the project lifecycle can be challenging given time pressures on steering committee executives.

Poor portfolio management often leads to subjective and politicized project funding processes which creates misalignment between enterprise goals and portfolio spend. It may also cause disengaged business leaders and a decision-making process that is decoupled from domain expertise.

To arrive at an optimal portfolio mix leading IT organizations provide business partners with insight into the risk-reward profile of each project and a standard set of criteria to evaluate and prioritize investments. They direct scarce business sponsor attention toward the most critical decisions and create a strategy for sustaining executive involvement in portfolio management activities.

Our Services 
  • Create Effective Project Proposals
  • Establish Portfolio Prioritization Criteria
  • Run the Portfolio Prioritization Process
  • Improve Portfolio Value
  • Set Up a Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Conduct Project Planning
  • Manage Ongoing Project and Risk Communication
  • Evaluate Project Performance